Alcohol Testing

Considering that alcohol is the most widely used drug in the United States, and alcohol problems cost companies billions of dollars each year, it is in an employer’s best interest to monitor the use and abuse of alcohol by its employees. Noble Diagnostics has a variety of products and services that can detect the presence of alcohol in a person’s system.

Lab-Based Urine Testing

a.k.a. Ethyl Glucuronide Alcohol Test (EtG/EtS)
Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and ethyl sulfate (EtS) are metabolites of alcohol (ethanol) that are more slowly eliminated from the body than alcohol itself and can thus be used to document abstinence and detect a trend toward relapse.  The presence of EtG is a definitive indicator that alcohol was ingested.
  • Detection times can be up to 80 hours
  • Allows monitoring in alcohol treatment programs
  • Ideal for zero tolerance situations

Breath Alcohol Testing

Noble Diagnostics is a Master Distributor of Lifeloc Technologies, an American manufacturer of professional breath alcohol testers. We can provide you with the equipment below if you wish to be trained and do the collections yourself, or we can connect you with Certified Professional Collectors throughout the country.

Lifeloc FC5

3 testing modes for easy passive testing
LCD screen with full prompts and visual alerts
Icon driven software that easily guides users through testing process
Audible alerts Rapid and repeatable testing
Constant battery indicator while device is on
No mouthpieces required

Lifeloc FC10

Portable breath tester designed specifically for Law-Enforcement, Corrections and Professional use
DOT/NHTSA approved PBT
Modern digital design
Passive testing feature detects the presence of alcohol without a mouthpiece Fast, accurate results
Remarkably easy-to-use

Lifeloc FC10 Plus

All the advantages of the FC10 screener plus 100 Test Memory and Advanced Security Features
Three test modes, Auto, Manual and Passive
Instant response for volume-testing applications such as check points, schools, or work release screening
Long Battery Life
Low cost per test

Lifeloc FC20

Premium tester includes all the features of the FC10 and FC10Plus with an additional 500 test memory, printing and computer interface capability
Feature rich menu allows for fully customizable solutions
AlcoMark® software enables test results to be downloaded from the FC20 to a computer

Lifeloc FC20BT

Lifeloc’s most advanced screening tester includes all the features of the FC10, FC10Plus and FC20 with added Bluetooth™ capability and an optional wireless printer and keyboard
Encrypted wireless communication
Factory synched, ready to print wirelessly right out of the box

Lifeloc FC20 Kit

Our premium portable breath tester, the FC20, combined with a high-quality portable printer
Includes FC20, portable thermal printer, cable, carrying case, 10 mouthpieces and full instructions

Lifeloc FC20BT Kit

Premier Bluetooth enabled FC20 packaged with our fast imaging thermal printer
Precision accuracy
33’ wireless connectivity with encrypted data transmission
500 test on board memory
Fully customizable software

Lifeloc FC20BT DMS Kit

Powerful Bluetooth FC20 conveniently packed with a keyboard and thermal printer
33’ wireless connectivity
Compact wireless keyboard for easy data entry
Fast, thermal printing with a 20 year image life
Fully customizable software


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