How to avoid disastrous delays in your screening timelines

How to avoid disastrous delays in your screening timelines

A pre-employment screening process often includes criminal history, background check and drug and alcohol testing. With this critical information, hiring managers can get the insight they need to hire the best candidate for the job.

Yet it can be stressful to properly screen job applicants and fill multiple jobs in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, some third-party administrators (TPAs) add to this stress, instead of relieving the burden in an already challenging situation.

Challenges in screening

Slow results. Many businesses find that their TPA is slow to respond to requests, analyze tests or communicate critical results. Many TPAs still conduct business via outdated fax machines, which adds unnecessary time delays to the process. In some cases, it can take days – or even weeks – to get the results of drug screens or background checks from a TPA.

Delays in hiring. When you need to hire someone quickly, an inefficient pre-employment screening process can mean the difference between landing your top candidate and letting them get poached by a competitor.

A simple switch for a significant impact

One large Midwest-based construction company employed a TPA that used outdated communication methods to communicate background checks and drug and alcohol test results. This often led to unnecessary bottlenecks in the process, which delayed hiring people for time-sensitive jobs around the country.

When this company was scheduled to start a job on the west coast, it received dozens of qualified candidates from local unions. The company screened all applicants to ensure they could comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and the company’s internal policies. With less than two weeks before the job started, they needed these applicants screened quickly to ensure they could start the job on time – and get paid on time.

But the screening results were delayed due to the TPA’s inability to turn around and communicate results quickly. Drug tests took weeks to return. This pushed back the start of the project, putting hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line and potentially damaging the company’s reputation.

After this fiasco, the company started working with Noble Diagnostics for full TPA services. Now they get fast results, ensuring that they can hire the best people, meet critical project deadlines and remain profitable.

Streamline the pre-employment process to avoid delays

Noble Diagnostics makes the entire pre-employment screening process fast and efficient to save you time and money. From scheduling events to receiving test results, Noble helps you make strategic hiring decisions – fast.

Fast results. On average, Noble’s drug test results are returned within 24 to 72 hours. DOT background checks generally take three to four days, depending on the depth of the background check.

Anything more than a week is unacceptable. In today’s world, technology makes it possible to move and make informed decisions at a faster pace than ever before. Your company is under this expectation from your customers – and your TPA should be held to it, too.

Cloud-based solutions. If your company has time-sensitive project start dates and hard deadlines, you can’t trust companies that don’t have state-of-the-art technology for scheduling drug tests or background checks and getting timely results.

Cloud-based solutions and digital technologies make it fast and easy to access screening results. Many courthouses have electronic record retrieval options with a paid subscription. But some TPAs prefer to skip this step to save money. But that stubbornness ultimately costs everyone time and money.

How Noble Now streamlines screening and testing

Noble Now is our industry-leading, proprietary online dashboard that consolidates all of your employee onboarding tests, screens and assessments in one place. It is accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can easily manage your entire pre-employment process quickly and efficiently.

In Noble Now, you can easily schedule drug screen, pre-employment physical or background checks, request diagnostics from patient service centers and send a barcode to your potential candidate via text or email.

Your potential employee simply takes that barcode to the scheduled appointment to undergo any tests you’ve requested. Or the candidate can click the link to fill out their background check paperwork on their smartphone, tablet or computer. After their testing is complete, you can review lab-confirmed results within the same online dashboard.

Excellent lab partners. Although technology solutions are important, they can’t replace top-notch vendor partners. Noble uses the top court research companies, the most trusted Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)-certified labs, and the leading background check partners that are PBSA certified to ensure we deliver results on time, every time.

Right lab. Right test. Right results. We partner with a dozen or more of the leading labs in the country to ensure you get the right results, quickly. We know which labs are the best at blood testing, which ones specialize in hair and fingernail testing, and who is the best for urine and saliva drug testing. Noble only uses SAMSHA labs to ensure DOT compliance with all tests.

Timing is everything. The ability to manage and access screening and test results quickly can give you a potent hiring advantage – and, ultimately, a competitive advantage. Make sure you have the fastest, most efficient employee screening process in your industry. Contact Noble Diagnostics to discuss your needs today.


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