How Noble improved one company’s employee drug screening program

How Noble improved one company’s employee drug screening program

B&H Construction was founded in 1981 as a small roustabout company servicing the oil field industry. Now the company has five major operational hubs throughout Oklahoma and Texas, handling large-scale utility construction and oil drilling projects.

Along with this growth came an increased need for pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. However, B&H was experiencing deteriorating customer service from its large, existing TPA. Problems included slow turnaround times on drug testing and inefficient customer service.

When B&H contacted its TPA, it received a case number and a promise that someone would return their call in 24 to 48 hours – an unacceptable lag in the time-sensitive world of oil drilling. This was causing delays in its hiring process, which often resulted in delays in starting projects.

After another regional drilling company referred B&H to Noble Diagnostics, the company began working with Noble in February 2019.

A custom solution

First, Noble created a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program for B&H Construction that included full DOT and non-DOT services. This highly-tailored TPA package includes a customized collection site network that conducts up to 100 drug and alcohol tests per month.

Through its online software, Noble Now, Noble Diagnostics drastically cut the time B&H had to wait to receive drug testing results.

Like all Noble customers, B&H was assigned a Major Account Coordinator (MAC). Every call, question and concern is directed to this dedicated representative, who knows every aspect of their account and has a deep understanding of their needs.

“When I need an answer, I need an answer. And with Noble, I get an answer. Noble’s customer service is quite simply outstanding,” says Art Adams, director of risk management at B&H Construction. “They know how to take care of business for people like me.”


Through its MACs and Noble Now software, Noble has been able to significantly increase the efficiency of B&H Construction’s drug-testing program. Noble’s comprehensive TPA solution has resulted in improved testing turnaround times along with the highly-responsive customer service that B&H was looking for.

Now B&H can hire people faster, start and finish projects on time – or even early – and take on more work throughout the year. B&H is thrilled with these results and continues to grow its relationship with Noble.

“Noble has made a difference in our business,” says Adams.

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