How to relieve your compliance paperwork burden

Relieve your compliance paperwork burden

In many Human Resources (HR) departments, people are stretched thin. From writing and posting job ads and conducting multiple interviews to managing pre-employment paperwork and handling payroll details – while keeping track of ever-changing federal and state employment laws – HR personnel are overwhelmed by critical tasks every day.

Many HR personnel are also in charge of their company’s compliance program, even if they have no expertise in this area. Compliance paperwork can include background checks and criminal history screens, alcohol and drug tests, and federal or state-required compliance paperwork. But with this responsibility often comes an onslaught of unnecessary and confusing paperwork.

Outdated paper policies. How long has that binder of your drug and alcohol policy been sitting on your shelf? If it’s more than 12 months old, it probably needs to be reviewed and updated. Do you know where the digital copy lives within your business files? If not, you might have to start from scratch to update and implement a policy that meets current federal and state compliance requirements.

Manual scheduling challenges. Scheduling the correct events for multiple candidates or employees at multiple locations can be a logistical nightmare. This task alone can generate so much paperwork that it becomes difficult for the HR representative to handle his or her essential job tasks. Surprisingly, much of this communication is still conducted via outdated fax machines, adding unnecessary delays to response and test turnaround times, while adding to the HR department’s paperwork burden.

Paper chasing. Drug and alcohol tests normally come back within 24 to 72 hours. But in some cases, it can take days – or even weeks – to get the results of drug screens or background checks from a third-party administrator (TPA). When results aren’t communicated quickly, an HR rep has to “chase chains” – track down test results and chase chains of custody, some of which are in paper form and must be faxed to the company.

Take the burden out of compliance paperwork

Many employers outsource background screenings and drug and alcohol evaluations to a private third-party administrator (TPA). A full-service TPA can help manage compliance paperwork from start to finish – reducing the inflow of paperwork to the HR department and lifting the burden off of its staff so they can focus on higher-value tasks.

For a smaller business, where the HR person is also the safety director and wears many hats, hiring a tech-savvy TPA is critical.

No more outdated policy binders. One company hired Noble Diagnostics to manage its entire drug and alcohol testing program, from developing a comprehensive policy to managing the entire testing program. That’s how they saved money and time to increase the company’s efficiency. And when state and federal compliance guidelines changed, they didn’t have to worry about it – they got an updated policy that met their needs and ensured their continued compliance.

Stop chasing paper trails. Noble Now is our industry-leading, proprietary online dashboard that consolidates all employee onboarding tests, screens and assessments in one place. It’s accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can easily manage your entire program in one convenient online location.

In Noble Now, you can easily schedule drug screens, pre-employment physical or background checks, request diagnostics from patient service centers, and send a barcode to your potential candidate via text or email. After testing is complete, you can review lab-confirmed results within the online dashboard. No more paperwork, faxes or chasing chains of custody.

Less paperwork for staff and applicants. Not only will HR staff deal with less paperwork, applicants won’t have to worry about filling out paper forms. And they won’t have to answer the same questions multiple times. They simply fill out everything online just once from a link that we send to their smartphone. Then HR staff can review everything in one place to ensure they have what they need to make smart hiring and staffing decisions.

Direct access to helpful answers. When you partner with Noble Diagnostics, you’re assigned a Major Account Coordinator (MAC) so you have a direct line to a dedicated account person. When you call or email us, you’ll talk to a live person every time – and it will be the same person every time. Your MAC will know your account inside and out and will answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

Virtual education. A TPA should help your staff understand the “whys” behind compliance while removing the paperwork burden. Noble offers online and in-person training programs that help our clients ensure compliance and high-quality hiring and staffing decisions.

From scheduling events to receiving test results, a tech-savvy TPA can help you efficiently and effectively manage compliance paperwork – and more – without adding staff or significant overhead costs.

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