DOT Background Check

When you’re transporting cargo on any US highway there are rules that companies must follow that guarantee they have qualified drivers and the companies are remaining compliant when transporting goods. DOT background checks are enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These requirements include the following:

· Verifying previous DOT employments (title, salary, work history, etc.)

· Drug checks

· Medical checks

· 6 standard DOT questions

Noble Diagnostics Can Take Care of All Your Companies DOT Screening Needs with our DQ File System. Noble Diagnostics offers:

· DOT-regulated employment verification

· Pre-Employment DOT drug testing and alcohol testing

· DOT employment questionnaires

· Lab-based urine drug testing and breath alcohol testing

· Random drug and alcohol test management and reporting

· SAMHSA certified laboratories

· Certified results through our Medical Review Officer (MRO)

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