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Ever hired someone you wish you hadn’t, only to have them leave… or worse… stick around way longer than you wish they would have? Based on data summarized from over 30 case studies and 11 research papers published over a 15 year period by Heather Boushey and Sara Jane Glynn at the Center for American Progress, the following costs of turnover as a percentage of annual salary (aka Turnover Expense Rate %) were revealed by category.

  1. Skilled/Supervisory/Sales Positions – 21% of Average Annual Salaries
  2. Hourly Positions – 16% of Average Annual Salaries
  3. Executives and Physicians – 150-213% of Average Annual Salaries

As outlined above, that is a TON of wasted money for your company on turnover directly related to bad hiring decisions! The good news is, WE ARE HERE TO HELP! We have partnered with #1 Best-Selling Author, Mason Duchatschek, giving us exclusive access to his tried, tested and proven hiring methods. With that being said, Noble Diagnostics offers three comprehensive Employee Hiring Assessments that can be purchased individually or bundled together. Our assessments are designed to be a cost effective way to help you make educated hiring decisions for your business… making sure you don’t hire a mistake!

Please watch the short videos below to learn more about how utilizing our Employee Hiring Assessments can give you the hiring results you deserve… all while saving you money and helping you build a powerhouse team for your business!

Need more information? Have questions about the Employee Hiring Assessments or how they will benefit your company? Contact Noble Diagnostics today to get your answers.

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