How Noble streamlined a construction company’s employee drug screening program

Construction company saves money by switching TPAs to Noble

A Southeast Wisconsin construction company was looking for a change in TPA services for its drug and alcohol testing programs. Why? Confirmation results were taking weeks, duplicate invoices were being charged and oversampling for random drug screenings was wasting money and employee time. As a result, the company no longer trusted its TPA.

Through an internal referral, this construction company found Noble Diagnostics, Inc. With over 16 years of experience in providing TPA services, Noble addressed their current issues and was able to rebuild their trust.


As with every Noble client, the construction company was assigned a Major Account Coordinator (MAC). Every call, question and concern is directed to the that representative, who developed a deep relationship with its key people and a deep understanding of their needs.

Using electronic chain-of-custodies provided through its online software, Noble Now, Noble Diagnostics drastically cut the time previously required to receive drug testing results. Additionally, Noble’s five experienced Medical Review Officers (MROs) were there to quickly review confirmations, giving this company the assurance of accuracy.

Most importantly, Noble reformed its random drug testing process for FMCSA DOT compliance. Noble discovered that the construction company was testing 25% of employees quarterly for drug abuse rather than annually, as mandated by the FMCSA. This was a critical point in correcting their DOT compliance efforts.

Through its MACs, knowledgeable staff and MROs, Noble was able to significantly increase the efficiency of this company’s drug testing program.


Noble’s comprehensive TPA solutions resulted in these benefits:

  • Reduced the time to receive drug testing results from 1 to 3 weeks to 24 to 72 hours.
  • 227 employees are tested annually on average (roughly 57 per quarter).
  • The company is now in full DOT compliance, testing 25% of employees for drugs and 15% for alcohol on an annual basis.
  • Top-tier customer service, thanks to Noble’s dedicated MAC and streamlined billing.

Most importantly, Noble was able to reinstate trust. No more waiting for test results. No more double-billings. And a substantial saving of money and employees’ time.


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