Online Access 24/7 via NobleNow

NOBLENOWTM acts as an internet “gateway” for employee and test data, providing 24 hour on-demand access to testing results. Via Integration or Use our website, clients can access drug and alcohol testing results directly from NOBLENOWTM. A Username and Password allow secure real-time access anytime/ anywhere.

Test results can be viewed anytime. Pre-employment, post-accident, random and other results are stored in the company’s archive, accessible only by a company representative.

Participant lists are downloaded and stored. Entire company employee rosters can be available online. Client can terminate, add and edit participants.

Random draw programs can be created and administered by our software. Our software randomly picks participants from an updated employee roster. NOBLENOWTM tracks the pending random tests until they are completed. The employer can always see which tests need to be done for program compliance.


Compliance Questions?