How to streamline your employee screening process

How to streamline your pre-employment screening process

It can be challenging to properly screen job applicants – especially when your company has to fill multiple jobs in a short amount of time. Information obtained by a thorough pre-employee screening process can give hiring managers the information they need to narrow down the applicant pool and hire the best possible candidate for the job.

Pre-employment screening is designed to verify information supplied by candidates on their resumes and applications and to determine if employees can be trusted in their potential roles. Screening can include criminal history, drug testing and skills or personality assessments. Many employers outsource all or part of these evaluations to a private third-party administrator (TPA) that specializes in background screenings and more.

Common roadblocks in the pre-employment screening process

Manual scheduling challenges. In a typical employee screening process, a company’s human resources (HR) representative or its Designated Employee Representative (DER) schedules events, such as a drug test or physical, with multiple clinics. Scheduling the correct pre-employment screens for multiple candidates at multiple locations can be a logistical nightmare, with excessive phone calls and emails that make it difficult for the HR rep or DER to handle their essential job tasks.

Communication issues. Many businesses find that their TPA is slow to respond to requests, analyze tests or communicate critical results. In addition, many TPAs still conduct business via outdated fax machines. This adds unnecessary delays and makes the pre-employment screening process less efficient than it could be.

Chasing chains. Drug tests normally come back within 24 to 72 hours. But in some cases, it can take days – or even weeks – to get the results of drug screens or background checks from a TPA. When results aren’t communicated quickly, an HR rep or DER must “chase chains” – track down test results and chase chains of custody.

Delays in hiring. When you need to hire someone quickly, an inefficient pre-employment screening process can mean the difference between hiring your top candidate or watching them get poached by a competitor.

There’s no question about it: The ability to quickly and efficiently screen prospective employees is a competitive advantage in today’s tight job market.

A streamlined pre-employment process helps you quickly find, maintain and retain good employees.

From scheduling events to receiving test results, Noble Diagnostics can help you efficiently and effectively make strategic hiring decisions.

Noble makes the entire pre-employment screening process fast and efficient to save you time and money. We can help you develop a strong background check, conduct drug and alcohol testing based on your industry and implement quality hiring assessments to ensure you’re hiring the right employees.

Noble Now platform. Noble Now is our industry-leading, proprietary online dashboard that consolidates all of your employee onboarding tests, screens and assessments in one place. All of this data is accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can easily manage your entire pre-employment screening process.

In Noble Now, you can easily schedule drug screens, pre-employment physicals or background checks, request appointments from patient service centers, and create a donor pass for potential candidates that can be sent to them email. He or she simply takes that donor pass to the scheduled appointment to undergo any tests you’ve requested.

In addition, the candidate can be sent (via email and/or text) a link to fill out their background check paperwork on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. As soon as their testing is complete, you can review lab-confirmed drug test and background screening results within the online dashboard.

Direct access to your own Major Account Coordinator. When you partner with Noble Diagnostics, you are assigned a Major Account Coordinator (MAC) so you have a direct line to a dedicated account person. When you call or email us, you will talk to a live person every time – and it will be the same person every time. They will know your account inside and out and will answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

Less paperwork. Using our systems, your HR and DER staff – and your applicants – don’t have to fill out paperwork and answer the same questions multiple times. Applicants simply fill out everything online once via a link that we send to their smartphones and email. Then you can review everything in one place to ensure you have what you need to make a smart hiring decision.

Create a positive applicant experience. When applicants experience your streamlined pre-employment screening program, they will get a positive impression of how your company operates and what’s important to it.

Look like a rock star to your boss. From scheduling events to receiving test results, Noble helps you efficiently and effectively make strategic hiring decisions that will benefit your company.

“If you want to look like a rock star to your boss because everything’s getting done on time, efficiently, and you have extra time to help out him or her and your company, you need to go with Noble,” emphasizes Noble Diagnostics President and CEO Tyler Weston.

Don’t miss out. Make sure you have the fastest, most efficient employee onboarding process in your industry. Contact Noble Diagnostics today to discuss your needs.


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