The Biggest Resume Lies To Avoid

Did you know that almost 46% of all workers included false information on their resume just to get a new job, that’s almost half of workers! Scott Samuels, CEO of Horizon Hospitality said “More and more people feel like they can get away with lying because they think no one is going to check and verify. It’s rampant.”
Many companies will check your credentials, Noble Diagnostics offers Employment Verifications. Our specialists will contact the applicant’s prior employer and conduct a phone interview to verify the applicant’s previous or current employment, including start date, end date, title, salary and eligibility for rehire.
We put a list together to show you what the most common lies on resumes are:
Education embellishments.
People try to say that they had more courses then they actually took. Some people will say that they went to a world-renowned school, and later they will admit it that they only took one online class. Instead of lying about your academic credentials, think about what you can add to your resume to demonstrate your education. For example add professional development, honors or awards, and extra coursework.
Date fraud.
Another common trick that some people use is to cover up employment gaps by stretching dates for one or two jobs to cover a time gap. It’s sometimes good to tell the truth about what happened. If you did take time off to care for a loved one or go back to school try and explain your circumstances in your cover letter.
Skill stretching.
Many job candidates have lists of technical proficiencies, just because you used a program or a skill a few times doesn’t make you an expert. For example, being fluent in a language, only taking it one year in high school doesn’t mean that you are fluent in that language. What you should do is only list the skills that you can demonstrate on the spot.
Hiring an employee can be a time-consuming job.  Choosing the right person for the job is a challenge faced by every company. By helping streamline the hiring process and giving you the information you need to make an informed hiring decision, our background check platform helps you dedicate your time, effort and resources to your business strengths instead of spending time terminating employees, or dealing with HR issues presented by falsified resumes. Please call 877-200-5616 if you would like us to create a customized background check package for your company.

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