The Importance of Employee Background Screenings

Background checks are the most crucial part of pre-employment screening and it’s a necessary step for all companies before making a decision to hire. With background checks, it’s important to protect your company form numerous potential risks which could cost you a fortune and productivity in the days ahead.

Many resumes will look appealing, but hiring managers shouldn’t just assume that their potential employees are telling the truth. If you want to get the right person for the job, you need to go the extra mile and unearth any information that could be concealed during the resume writing.

Before you run the background check on the potential employee, you need to define your needs. What do you want the background check to find? Noble Diagnostics offers many different options for background checks:

Criminal Database Services

  • Multi- Jurisdictional Criminal Record
  • Search w/Aliases
  • Multi- Jurisdictional Criminal Record


  • SSN Trace
  • Sex Offender Scan
  • Terrorist Watch List
  • Criminal Records
  • County Felony/Misdemeanor
  • Federal District (Bankruptcy)
  • Federal District (Criminal)
  • National Federal


  • DOT Drug & Alcohol Questionnaire
  • DOT Employment
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Professional License Verification

Driving Records

  • Commercial Driving License Information Systems Check (CDLIS)
  • Motor Vehicle Records

Sanctions and Watch Lists

  • Medical Sanctions Checks
  • Financial Sanctions Checks

Continuous Screening Solutions

As such one should decide which one is best for their business as a matter of importance. That said, let’s look at why conducting an employee background screening is essential for businesses:

  • It avoids liability- when companies hire someone without running a background screening it can cost the company a lot of money especially when it comes to drugs and alcohol problems. As the employer, you are likely to be considered liable as a result of negligence if you didn’t run a background check on the employee.
  • It will save you money and time- if you hire someone without the necessary education to get the job done it will cost you both in time and money to replace the employee. With backgrounds checks from Noble Diagnostics, you can avoid unexpected expenses from non-compliant background checks.
  • It guarantees workplace safety- workplace safety is very important and should be a top priority for every company. When you put a job out there, chances are that it will attract all sorts of people ranging from drug users to violent criminals to sex offenders. When hiring make use of background checks to achieve your goals and wind out any elements likely to put others in danger.

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